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How did Richard get there?


Having a teaching degree has really allowed me to be a better scientist.

Richard began his incredible science career in the classroom. The skills he learned while teaching now help him communicate his findings to future scientists.

Opening people's eyes to the world I can see as a geologist - that's what makes science so rewarding.

Richard's more than a scientist - his career started in a very different, but no less challenging environment.

They're standing on a surface that was once well trodden by dinosaurs.

For Richard, sharing is just as exciting as discovering. His career has seen him take people to awe-inspiring locations, so they can experience the impact of climate change.

You think you've prepared yourself, but getting off that plane, standing on the ice, honestly takes your breath away.

Richard's journey has taken him to remote places all over the world. He gathers evidence of past climates, to determine the future of our environment.

How did Richard get here?

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